Having been involved in the furniture retail industry for over 20 years, Dino Fino acquired vast experience, which he is now applying to nurture his own enterprise.

The Dino Fino brand is garnering considerable success due to its emphasis on quality service and a focus on customer satisfaction. “In a fast-moving industry like retail,” he says, “it is essential to take decisions quickly, especially when trying to attract the younger sector of the market as well as high-end commercial contractors.” This spurs the company to develop a brand that is young and fresh by fostering a team culture. In fact, he makes it a point to be on the ground with the team as much as possible, creating a healthy environment that, finally, translates into quality service.

“The recent pandemic taught us to be ready for anything and that we should always allocate time to sit, think, plan and restructure. Embracing these experiences is crucial as they make us stronger,” Mr Fino asserts.

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