As a seasoned and highly motivated Human Resources professional, David Borg possesses an extensive and diverse background in people management practices across various industries.

“My passion,” he asserts, “lies in driving business success and guiding organisations through transformative phases. Proficient in making pivotal decisions throughout these journeys, I play an integral role as part of the leadership team, advocating for the indispensable contribution of individuals in improving overall performance and concurrently nurturing a culture of strategic acumen.”

At the heart of his philosophy is an unwavering belief in nurturing personal growth, thus empowering individuals as the life force of the organisation while fostering a robust value system that binds the company and its employees. “Complementing this, I possess a firm grasp of employment legislation and have been an essential asset in negotiating employee relations as a key participant within the company's negotiation team,” Mr Borg says.

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