Ben Vassallo Brincat has been working for Aluserv since he was 16, gaining experience in the various sectors of the family business over time.

“I started from the bottom and slowly moved up, also furthering my studies to achieve a degree in business enterprise and, finally, taking over the company, together with my brother, Tim, in 2019.

“Both of us are adamant in moving the company to new heights and building upon the solid base our father created,” he explains.

Servgroup, of which Aluserv forms part, provides the best choice in aluminium, both in terms of range and quality. It caters for all aluminium aperture needs in domestic, large development and even industrial and office applications, guaranteeing the highest levels of service, durability and reliability.

Committed to quality, the Servgroup team ensures the client will always have the peace of mind that the best materials and parts are being used to manufacture the ordered apertures. This is achieved by constantly monitoring works in progress and adopting new techniques or better systems immediately.

Its comprehensive range of aluminium products include external doors for balconies, roofs and internal yards; hinged or sliding windows; railings; frames for curtain walls that can have fixed or motorised flaps; skylights; and conservatories.

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