Possessing a Ph.D in Computer Science, Angelo Dalli is a serial entrepreneur who is involved in a number of companies in the technology, entertainment and gaming industries.

“I have distinguished myself in combining deep technical ability with commercial acumen. Thanks to my innovative disposition, I have secured over 21 investments into my ideas, from EU funds to private angel investors and venture capitalists, propelling my companies into the international domain,” he says.

A fully accredited member of EBAN, the European Business Angel Network, Mr Dalli has been involved in a number of IPOs.

111 Holdings began in 2007 with a focus on angel investments and early-stage companies. It added growth stage companies in 2012 and backed a number of firms that successfully realised their value through an initial public offering or acquisition.

It is committed to businesses with repeatable and scaleable profitable solutions.

Get in touch: info@111holdings.com

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