As Family Business Office Regulator, Joe Gerada endeavours to bring recognition and support to this vital economic sector. His role as Regulator is intended to assist family businesses in transferring their family business by benefitting from the incentives made available to those registered and receive all due support in the process.

“I invite all types of family businesses and professionals who assist and operate in this sector to make inquiries at our offices so that, together, we can help this sector and family businesses evolve and continue in successfully passing on their wealth of knowledge and industry to the next generation,” he says.

The Family Business Office provides support to family businesses in relation to the regulation and governance of their business, the enhancement of their internal organisation and structure, with the aim of helping them to effectively operate and pave the way towards a successful succession.

Being a lawyer, Dr Gerada has served as legal advisor to MIMCOL and a Partner at AGG Advocates, Under the helm of MIMCOL, he was responsible for drawing up the National Blockchain Strategy.

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