“We effectively need to function as an organization similar to the boardroom, where you don’t have directors split down the middle but everybody working towards a common goal,” commented Peter-Jan Grech, when discussing a need for a long-term vision for Malta.

He was taking part in this morning’s episode of The Boardroom, which focused on a need for holistic, long-term planning for Malta.

Mr Grech is taking part of a recently launched initiative called the 40under40, which seeks to gather industry leaders on the island to form a comprehensive vision for the country, focusing on the four pillars of education, wellbeing, economy and the environment.

Asked about where he sees room for improvement in the current scenario, Mr Grech remarked that technical people should be taking long-term policy decisions. He also highlighted the difficulties of familiarity and favouritism within a small-island nation like Malta.

“I think acknowledging that and making sure there is the right sort of Government and institutional set up to be transparent is what we should be focusing on”.

Together with the other panelists, Mr Grech stressed how motivations play a big factor within the political class, and, seeing as remuneration for MPs and cabinet members is so low, it is difficult to get the right people into politics.

Partisanship is another element that ranks high on Malta’s issues, Mr Grech said, stressing that “Malta is not two sides of a football pitch, but one country”.

He highlighted the opportunity presented by COVID, which showed that many activities were unnecessary, while others became more important.

“There’s enough writing on the wall to tell us sustainability is a key element of what we should be doing.”

Stressing on issues surrounding the environment, Mr Grech said that it is clear how the nation is craving to be outdoors and close to nature. From the caravans that occupy seafronts, to hunters who have gained control of woodland, people across all sectors are craving to be close to nature.

“If you look at this holistically, it is evident that our environmental resources should be managed at a national level, rather than giving away pieces of land to different groups”.

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