It’s been a long, tiring year for many. So why not re-energise your team by embarking on Malta’s Top Team Challenge, where you’ll put your team’s synergy to the test – injecting a healthy dose of competition by going neck-to-neck with other local companies?

Team dynamics have shifted throughout this past year as a large majority haven’t seen our colleagues’ faces outside a Zoom box in months, let alone been for a lunch break together, or clinked glasses at a staff party.

Acknowledging this – and in a bid to tackle stress, promote teamwork and enhance team dynamics and synergy – Outdoor Living, Malta’s team-building specialist, is collaborating with human resource management experts Street HR to create a fun team-building activity for local companies.

Taking place in June, Malta’s Top Team Challenge will see local companies go neck-to-neck on interactive activities – competing against each other to be crowned Malta’s top team.

Working with an allocated point system, each team will complete a number of challenges to the best of their abilities, while attempting to earn the highest score. The activities will be held both online and offline and are created with a nod to Corporate Social Responsibility – so this is an opportunity for fun and philanthropy in one.

The challenges will be spread over three brief varying sessions. In the first, teams will be introduced to the programme so they can get started on the right note. Then, in the second, they will focus on team building and training by taking on a challenging virtual activity and an educational interactive workshop that will create a sense of comradeship. Finally, the third session will be the nail-biting awards ceremony, where teams will be presented on a leader board and, ultimately, the winner will be crowned ‘Malta Best Team’.

Delegates can then reflect on their team’s dynamic and head back to the office with a renewed, positive spirit and strong sense of collaboration. The result? Everyone wins in the end, even if they’re last on the scoreboard!

The team challenges will be held online on 18th and 23rd June, with the online award ceremony taking place on 1st July. Each company is able to enrol up to three teams with a maximum of six participants per team. What’s more, a portion of the proceedings will go to The Malta Trust Foundation, making this event all the more important!

Does your team have what it takes to win Malta’s Top Team Challenge? Or could it just do with a good boost of fun? Contact Outdoor Living for more information on how to participate.

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