PTL Limited says it will take your business to new heights by integrating a cloud-based care management software which helps improve efficiency, giving the freedom to deliver exceptional care.

Access Care software is created specifically to help deliver high quality, person-centred outstanding care.

“It saves time, reduces costs and minimise errors, as well as give care workers, clients, and management real-time access to the information they need.”

The Access Workspace suite brings together all the products, tools, and data. Through heatmaps one can gain an understanding of the busiest times, visit lengths and the different associated margins.

Information on income and expenditure, staff absence and agency costs are also easily accessible.

With Scheduling & Rostering a location can be matched while a client’s care requirements can be defined with a member of staff, based on availability, qualifications, skills, equipment, and preferences, together with charges and payments.

Daily Records, Risk and Incident Reporting are available to manage day-to-day care effectively ensuring all care needs are met. Real-time monitoring and alerts will ensure all care activities are completed and issues addressed.

“With Electronic Care Plans one can build robust plans easily to meet everyone’s care and support needs, keeping these up to date with real-time information.

“Follow a smooth, efficient process for dealing with Client Enquiries. Capture requirements, create proposals/contracts and onboard new clients seamlessly,” the company says.

With eMAR prompts and instructions will be received, providing information on which medication to give, how and when.

“Administration is recorded accurately, and alerts are sent when medication is missed.”

Care plans can be securely communicated and streamlined with the Client, Family and Funder to give evidence of their loved one’s care.

In addition, Payroll & Invoicing can be easily managed by tracking staff time and attendance with automatic time logging and timesheets. Complex payroll tasks can be automated to make sure everyone is paid the correct wage and on time.

Care Compliance is available through audits, estimates and reports which can be quickly and easily prepared. Action Plans can be used and shared across multiple services.

PTL Limited offers a diverse range of bespoke IT solutions, cutting-edge technology, and a team of highly qualified experts. PTL works with you to understand your business strategies and implement solutions to take your business to the next level.

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