Chef Stefan Hogan has been in the hospitality industry long enough to recognise a significant shift when he sees one. From an influx of new ingredients in the 90s to fusion dining in the 2000s, he has witnessed and embraced change at every milestone – and now it’s clear the world is in the grips of another sector-altering development: the need for sustainability. 

“Change is happening at a very fast rate and that’s exciting,” Chef Hogan says, referring to industry developments related to sustainability and conscious dining. “Diners are becoming so much more aware of what’s in their food and where it comes from, their carbon footprint, and the impact that what they consume has on the planet. It’s fantastic and, as chefs, I think we have a unique responsibility to listen and respond. It’s an opportunity too and one I know we are all keen to embrace at Corinthia Palace.”

Chef Hogan has long helped to shape the Hotel’s approach to the food that it serves. He began his career at the property in 1993, before spending the next 20 years working in the kitchens of several other Corinthia hotels and properties. He then returned to the much-loved birthplace of the entire Corinthia brand nine years ago.

“It was a homecoming; like no time had passed at all,” he smiles.

But significant shifts have been constant in that time, as the Hotel has evolved to exceed the expectations of its increasingly discerning clientele. Most recently, Corinthia Palace opened its celebrated coffee concept Josephine’s, which is itself dedicated to conscious consumption and plant-based delicacies. “The market wouldn’t have been ready for a concept like Josephine’s five years ago but, today, our guests absolutely love it. It’s proof that our clients are eager to find options like these in Malta and our team is certainly thrilled to be able to provide them.”

With that in mind, Chef Hogan, his team and some key local collaborators have come together to present an evening designed for those keen to dine more consciously. Taking place on 26 January in Villa Corinthia, the event brings together a menu by Chef Hogan, produce from pesticide-free local farm Bint L-Irjieh, and low-carbon-footprint wines from a boutique the Sicilian Murgo Winery sourced by Charles Grech.

“We’ve all worked together cohesively to create the kind of menu that reflects the needs of our world today,” continues Chef Hogan. “Every element has been thought through to deliver an exciting assortment of delicious food and drink, as well as an evening that really showcases how the future of sustainable dining could work. To me, it’s the perfect mix of great dishes, delicious wine, and a sense that we’re all achieving something positive for our future, and I hope our guests will feel the same.

“We look forward to seeing you there, and to exploring this dynamic shift in gastronomy together!” he adds.

For more information about A Locally Conscious Dinner at Villa Corinthia or to see the menu, click here or call 2144 0301. You can also follow @corinthiapalace on Instagram.

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