BMIT has launched a new video podcast series, The DORA Dialogues, which aims to help organisations bolster their security posture and achieve compliance.

While the series highlights the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) and its impact on financial institutions, the insights provided are valuable for any business striving to improve its IT governance and resilience.

Hosted by David Kelleher and Ivan Galea, each episode delves into crucial topics that are the basis of the new legislation that comes into force in January 2025.

DORA brings a high level of harmonisation across the EU and it provides detailed and stringent requirement on financial entities to do so.

However, DORA is more than a set of articles and clauses. Neither is it intended to penalise businesses.

DORA does, however, compel organisations to adopt and maintain a resilient ICT framework, something that every business should be doing.

This is what the series seeks to emphasise. DORA targets financial entities, but its value goes beyond this industry.


Episode highlights:

Resilience testing: Understand the importance of robust testing to identify vulnerabilities and strengthen business continuity.

IT risk: Learn about evolving IT risks and best practices for mitigation.

Culture and training: Discover how to cultivate a security-first mindset within your organisation.

Coming soon:

Cybersecurity framework: Frameworks give structure to efforts to improve security, build resilience, and achieve compliance. They are so much more than a box-ticking exercise.

IT governance: Explore frameworks and best practices for aligning IT with your business objectives.

IT management: Gain insights into improving operational efficiency and managing IT resources effectively.

Communication and incident management: Explore why developing skills for effective communication and swift incident response is crucial to minimise the impact of security breaches.

For more information and to watch the episodes, visit The DORA Dialogues by clicking here.

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