The Convenience Shop now offers Coop products as part of its already wide range.

Exclusively available from all The Convenience Shop outlets, Malta’s largest food retail chain is the first on the island to make the top international brand available to local customers.

Coop Italian Food is the international branch of Coop Italy, one of the country’s largest retailers backed by a history of over 160 years. Coop Italian Food operates in more than 21 countries, with a mission to ‘source and select exceptional Italian food products, to preserve and promote the most comprehensive and diverse range of Italian heritage cuisine, and to become widely recognised as the industry’s most trusted source of authentic Italian food’.

Coop’s private label is built around excellent quality, high standards, affordability, transparency, respect for the environment and ethical business conduct, whilst meeting the health and wellbeing needs of all the brand’s customers.

“This partnership offers great opportunities for both companies,” said Coop Italian Food CEO Marco Giotti in a statement. “For The Convenience Shop, there is the opportunity to give its customers access to a wide range of products that are the expression of the best Italian gastronomic culture.  Products with high standards, through a careful selection of suppliers, whilst adopting all advanced safety measures, respect for the environment and ethics. Coop Italian Food sees this as a great opportunity to learn more about a territory that has a similar culture to Italy’s and from which we will be able to draw further experiences, have suggestions and evaluations to continue improving our products, or even to develop something new, specifically for the Maltese market.”

Balancing quality and price, Coop provides a variety of product lines to meet the changing needs of the market.  In addition to the brand’s core line of food and cooking products, aimed for the mainstream market, COOP also offers a diverse range to suit all other dietary requirements amongst which; Bene-si Coop, a healthy, ‘free from’ range for diets with specific needs; Vivi Verde Coop, a green and organic range; Solidal COOP, the Fairtrade sub brand; Fior Fiore Coop, the gourmet range; and COOP Origine, which guarantees traceable quality across the entire production chain.

The brand also diversifies into non-food items amongst which is Amici Coop, the pet food range, as well as the household and cleaning product line Coop Casa, which complete the extensive selection now available at The Convenience Shop.

“Our aim is to be market responsive, adapting to the needs of our customers by ensuring we offer the right products at the right prices in convenient locations. The Coop product range, initially available locally includes more than 150 items across all the ambient, pet food and cleaning categories, and we will offer others in the future” added The Convenience Shop CEO Martin Agius. “When we first explored a relationship with Coop, we did not just see its potential in the local market and how well its products fit our portfolio – we also realised that we share the same values. We will strive to continue strengthening our relationship with this reputable brand and to keep enhancing our portfolio to meet our customers’ needs. This is just the start of an extensive relationship with Coop Italian Food.”

More information is available here.

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