Luxury resort firm Six Senses has been announced as the operator of the upcoming Comino Hotel.

During an interview with Times of Malta on Friday, Hili Ventures CEO Melo Hili and the Comino project’s lead architect, Antonio Belvedere announced that the plan for the resort is to provide clients with a different experience which brings them closer to nature.

The luxury hospitality brand, which is owned by IHG Hotels & Resorts, prides itself on its "commitment to eco-friendly and socially responsible practices".

Melo Hili

Hili Ventures CEO Melo Hili / Hili Ventures

Their 22 locations are located in some of the world’s most stunning and remote destinations, in areas such as Fiji, Bhutan, and a couple of private islands.

The brand is expected to operate the Comino Hotel in a plastic-free manner, and will make use of local produce to feed its clients.

During the interview, they addressed concerns regarding the environmental impact of the hotel on Comino’s delicate ecological system.

The developer assured that waste generated from the hotel would be treated on-site, and that measures will be in place to mitigate noise and light pollution. Terraces will be designed in a certain manner to prevent light from going into the sky, and things which typically produce a lot of noise, such as cooling machines, will be excluded, in order not to disturb wildlife.

Antonio Belvedere

Architect Antonio Belvedere / LinkedIn

The architect also assured that no parties with loud music will be permitted in Comino. “I think it is more of a contemplative experience that is going to be offered rather than entertainment.”

When asked whether there is a possibility that certain units of the development could be sold for residence purposes, Mr Hili made it clear that the concession agreement only enables hospitality, and guests will only be able to rent out the planned bungalows, same as they would a hotel room.

They are confident that their plans for the new hotel will "add value", create "employment opportunities", and "safeguard" Comino's environment while replacing the existing derelict hotel.

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The Comino Hotel / Hili Hospitality

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