October is right around the corner, and it is globally recognised as breast cancer awareness month, an initiative to raise awareness about breast cancer. Its aim is to highlight the importance of early detection, treatment and support for those affected by cancer. During this month, individuals, organisations and communities come together to promote breast cancer awareness through various events, campaigns and educational activities.

Toly Products has kicked off its island-wide campaign with its own Bra-Vo campaign. With hopes of painting the town ‘pink’, Toly is urging the public to donate their used bras.

Subsequently, the donated bras will be sprayed bright pink and displayed on the main road in front of Toly’s offices in Zejtun. “Not only will your bra serve as a symbol of unity and awareness, but it will also help amplify a message that can save lives.”

“This campaign is about more than bras, it is about uniting to educate and remind everyone of the importance of early detection and saving lives. Let’s join hands and raise awareness, one bra at a time.”

If you wish to donate your used bra, you can either: 

  • Drop off your bras at: Toly Group BLB036A, Bulebel Industrial Estate Zejtun, ZT3000 Between 8:00 – 17:00 or
  • Contact Toly on +3567989000 or info@toly.com .
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