A Marsaxlokk fish restaurant that has made headlines over a number of controversies announced on Tuesday that it will be closing.

On behalf of Marsaxlokk restaurant Capo Mulini, a statement was published advising clients that the establishment is closed and will no longer be operated by Capo Mulini Management.

“Thank you to our customers for always believing in us! It has been a pleasure hosting you all,” the restaurant’s management said in an announcement.

Capo Mulini is owned and managed by Luzzu Catering Ltd. Albert Buttigieg, a former Head of Unit, Corporate Banking at BNF Bank plc, is the director of Luzzu Catering, and operator of the restaurant.

In 2021, it emerged that Mr Buttigieg, together with Florinda Sultana – the step-daughter of ex-footballer Darren Debono and operator of Porticello restaurant in Valletta (formerly Scoglitti)– were charged in relation to money laundering offences.

Both Mr Buttigieg and Ms Sultana pleaded not guilty, while proceedings are ongoing.

In May of last year, Capo Mulini made headlines again after a court expert testified that he found 14,000 photos from a camera placed “covertly” in a ladies’ toilet. The court expert had been tasked with extracting data found on electronic devices linked to Capo Mulini and Porticello, and had been testifying in the case against Ms Sultana and Mr Buttigieg.

The news led Capo Mulini to categorically deny that any recording equipment had been placed in the ladies’ bathroom of the establishment, while it was pointed out that the court expert did not say where the ladies’ bathroom was located.

A subsequent police investigation concluded that Albert Buttigieg, the Capo Mulini restaurant owner, did not take any photos of women through a camera allegedly placed in the restaurant’s toilets.

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