RecruitGiant has launched a new packages and documents delivery service in Malta. This new service will, for the first time, make one of Malta’s largest courier fleets directly available to companies.

The service is already fully operational, meaning RecruitGiant is also able to handle all Christmas-related deliveries for its customers.

RecruitGiant Head of Business Development Molka Sfar said: “Many companies in Malta now find it impractical, from a time and cost perspective, to employ their own couriers. As a result, we have seen courier service companies proliferate.”

“RecruitGiant has been very active in the space for years, providing drivers, vehicles and package tracking technology to numerous delivery companies and platforms. We are now bringing this expertise directly to the end customer, enabling a more seamless and cost-effective solution for Maltese businesses,” she added.

The company is one of Malta’s leading recruiters of third country nationals. With operations across the Mediterranean, Eastern Europe, and the Baltics, RecruitGiant helps companies in the transport, logistics, tourism, construction, engineering, and other industries to fill vacancies. Through its own network of offices and training centres in Asia, it ensures that all recruited employees have both the skills and required paperwork in order before relocating to Malta.

More information on RecruitGiant, and its newly launched delivery service, is available by calling 27827277 or by sending an email to

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