The Cisk Tap, Valletta Soup Kitchen, Ġnien Victor Calvagna and the Aircraft MRO hangar facility are some of the projects that took the top spots at the 2022 Malta Architecture and Spatial Planning (MASP) Awards held on Saturday 1st April.

The MASP Awards which are organised by the Planning Authority and are held under the Patronage of the President of Malta aim to promote and give recognition to quality architectural and interior design projects that promise to leave a positive mark for decades to come. The awards celebrate the meticulous work and innovation of the people behind these iconic projects – from established professionals to graduating students.

This year, the prestigious President’s Award was conferred to Perit Prof. Conrad Thake for his outstanding contribution to the education, theory and practice of architecture and his distinguished lifetime service towards the profession.

MASP 2022

Winner - Interior Architecture Award for Commercial or Public Buildings (The Cisk Tap)

The Cisk Tap and The Grist Multipurpose Space located in the iconic Farsons Brewery by architectural firms Openworks Studio and Forward Architects were the winners of the Interior Architecture Award for Commercial or Public Buildings. This project celebrates Malta’s industrial heritage and indeed the distinctive character of Cisk beer, so familiar to many on the Islands. The Cisk Tap and the underlying Grist multi-purpose event space work in synergy in function and reference the colours of the lager in their materiality.

Kettles Café Bistro Bar in Birkirkara by DAAA Haus, The Avenue Restaurant in St Julians by MXA and Bahia Restaurant in Attard by QP all received a special commendation in this category.

MASP 2022

Winner: Interior Architecture Award for residential projects

The Rehabilitation and Conservation Award was won by architectural firm ARC Studio. The jury felt that this project is exemplary for the way this forgotten space within the convent of the Franciscan Minors in Valletta was converted into a soup kitchen. The award not only highlights the high-quality design and workmanship but the praiseworthy cause that this space now supports.

The AP Cluster by AP Valletta and Palazzo Ignazio by QP received a received a special commendation.

Is-Santwarju tal-Madonna tal-Ħniena in Qrendi was the winner of the Restoration award. The jury applauded the Restoration Directorate for how themultidisciplinary team followed a meticulously well-researched methodology which included the unearthing of the archaeological remains of a medieval chapel beneath the floor of the sanctuary.

The residential project ‘House for a young family’ in Zebbug by Perit Joe Galea and draw.form won two award categories, the Design Award for Good Architecture, Building and Structure and the Interior Architecture Award for residential projects.

MASP 2022

Winner: Restoration Award

The design for this residence serves as a showcase for the way in which the architect and their client worked together towards the realisation of a project that is successful both in its function and in its aesthetics. Steel fabrication was used extensively as part of the brief, which allowed for the installation of lightweight walls which allow light to filter through the entirety of the building. Extensive environmental analysis was also carried out, leading to an overall noteworthy achievement.

In the Design Award for Good Architecture, Building and Structure category the Ħas-Saptan National Distribution Centre by Dr Edwin Mintoff Architects and the Phoenicia Spa by AP Valletta were both given a special commendation.

While the Interior Architecture for residential projects category ‘The contemporary courtyard house’ in Dingli by Daniel Scerri Periti received a special commendation.

MASP 2022

Winner: Public Open Spaces Award

Ġnien Victor Calvagna in Mosta by Perit Andrea Scremin won the Public Open Spaces award. This public open space serves to be a green oasis in Mosta’s dense urban environment and successfully retains a natural character to the site while adding amenities for visitors.

In this same category Doric Studio received a special commendation for the Romeo Romano Gardens in Santa Venera.

Design Firm MatterMake was the winner of the Small Projects award, which was introduced through this edition. Their project ‘Cinema Visiona’ used the interior designs of Werner Panton as inspiration, whereby the design team successfully resolved form and function to create an iconic cinema room. A significant feature of the design is the ergonomic seating designed and built in[1]house using CNC technology, making use of technology to achieve the minimum consumption of materials while maintaining maximum comfort for viewers.

MASP 2022

Winner: Small Projects Award

Atmosphere Design, C&K Architects and Perit Adam Brincat received a special commendation for The Chapel in Pieta, Unit 22 in Naxxar and House 89 in Tarxien respectively.

The Hotel Verdi in Gzira by Dr Edwin Mintoff Architects won the Commercial and Public Buildings Award. The jury praised the project for the strong theme which inspired the design of this hotel resulting in a project which highlights bespoke design and high-quality finishes. The design also achieves a low carbon footprint and passive environmental measures designed to increase the comfort of visitors to the hotel.

MASP 2022

Winner: Commercial and Public Buildings Award

Dr Charles Paul Azzopardi won the Architecture Photography Award for his images of Dar il-Ħanin Samaritan. This winning set of photographs captured the spirit of this place in a manner which is technically precise and aesthetically pleasing.

Architecture Students Nicole Kenely and Kimberly Camilleri won the Urban Planning Concept Award for Students with their project ‘Retrofitting the White Rocks Complex’. This winning submission is inspired by social contact design principles such as having indoor and outdoor communal facilities, good visibility looking onto outdoor spaces, the creation of buffer zones between public and private spaces, shared walkways and the creation of limited private amenities while increasing the communal ones.

Urban planning

Winner: Urban Planning Concept Award for Students

Architecture Students Dawn Briscoe, Nigel Cini and Ryan Worley all received a special commendation for their respective projects.

The City of 1000 Gardens by NIDUM was the winning project in the Urban Planning Concept Award for Architectural firms. The jury found that this inspirational urban planning concept seeks to recover community spirit in Marsaskala by rethinking its physical organisation, revitalising its attractions and reinforcing its connection to the abundant natural heritage.

The Slow Streets Malta by Studjurban received a special commendation in this category.

MASP 2022

Winner: Urban Planning Concept Award for Architectural firms

The Architectural Engineering Award was won by Dr Edwin Mintoff Architects for their Aircraft MRO hangar facility in Luqa. The architectural firm successfully looked beyond common design solutions, and towards innovative means of minimising visual impact such as introducing a graceful curvature to the roof, while maintaining one of the largest free spans to have been designed on the Islands.

The BCRS Malta Ltd lightweight recycling packaging plant by Perit Andrea Scremin in collaboration with Engineer Gabriele Sernagiotto and Perit Robert Vella received a special commendation.

MASP 2022

Winner: Public Vote Award

Architectural Firm KEIRO won the Public Vote for their project one80 Tal-Belt.

During the ceremony, the Planning Authority also paid tribute to the late Perit Martin Xuereb for his contribution toward the architectural heritage of our Islands through landmark projects that included among many others, the award-winning projects of the Rehabilitation and Restoration of the medieval wall city of Cittadella in Gozo and the redesign of the Il-Piazzetta in Sliema.

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