Panta Group on Thursday announced the appointment of a new Board of Directors, marking a “significant step” towards strengthening its corporate governance practices.

The company remarked that the strategic selection of the individuals forming part of it is a “testament to the company’s dedication to ongoing success and growth in its dynamic business landscape”. The new Board of Directors is composed of Directors Katrina Attard and Kris Micallef, Non-Executive Directors Mario Camilleri and Jacqueline Camilleri, as well as Director and Group Chairman Henry Attard.

The newly appointed Board Members bring a wealth of expertise and diverse backgrounds, possessing a collective knowledge that the company says will “help to fortify” its “vision, enhance its operational efficiency, and promote sustained growth”.

The incoming Board proceeded to thank Company Secretary Lawrence Mifsud and Director Marion Micallef for their years of “dedicated service” at the company.

Ms Attard, who is also Panta Group CEO, first joined the company in 2009 after graduating with a Master of Science in Economics and Finance from University of Edinburgh. Prior to being named CEO in 2021, she moved through various roles within the company that allowed her to gain excellent insight into the various operations it undertakes. She is primarily tasked with driving Panta Group’s strategy.

Director and Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Mr Micallef has also taken on a number of roles since joining the company in 2012. After graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Management from University of Malta, he took on the role of Claims Officer and later, Contracts Manager and Chief Estimating and Tendering Officer. He has served as CCO since 2021.

Non-Executive Director Ms Camilleri is a Certified Public Accountant and a Fellow Member of the Institute of Accountants. She holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from Heriot-Watt University of Edinburgh Business School. Throughout her career, she has held various positions within AX Group before joining the Foundation for Medical Services, gaining experience overseas and providing financial consultancy services to the private and national health sector. Ms Camilleri has also occupied high-level positions at various companies, and is Director and Chair of Audit Committee on a number of listed companies.

Mr Camilleri, an accomplished executive, has also joined the Board of Directors. Throughout his 20-year banking career, he has analysed businesses from a business and credit risk perspective. Over the last 15 years, he has led commercial enterprises in drafting and implementing business, financial and corporate strategies to restructure and guide them towards stability and growth. He is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers (ACIB) and holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Financial Services from University of Manchester.

Mr Attard is a self-made businessman with over 50 years of industry experience in the field of building services, and presides as Director and Chairman of Panta Group. Throughout this time, he acted as Managing Director for Panta Contracting Limited and sat on numerous Boards within the group.

Katrina Attard

Panta Group CEO Katrina Attard / LinkedIn

CEO Ms Attard expressed enthusiasm for the future, stating: “We are thrilled to welcome our new Board Members who bring a wealth of expertise and fresh perspectives to our group.”

“We remain dedicated to our customers, placing them at the core of our operations. With a culture that empowers creative minds and fosters innovation, we will continue to deliver exceptional products and services, while simultaneously embracing sustainability and driving positive change in our industry,” she added.

The company stated that this “new era in corporate governance” marks an “exciting milestone” in its journey, reinforcing its “commitment to excellence, adaptability, and sustainable practices”.

Headquartered in Malta, Panta Group is a three-generation strong, privately owned family business that has been in operations for over 50 years, specialising as a professional building services contractor. During that time, it has brought “high-quality products and innovative technologies” to the market, both in Malta and overseas.

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Panta Group's new Board of Directors together with departing Lawrence Mifsud and Marion Micallef / Panta Group

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