Tomek Piotrowski, the Owner of Valletta jazz club and restaurant, has passed away.

The news was initially hinted at by the restaurant’s management on Saturday, as it shared that it is going through a “very difficult time” and that it will spend the whole weekend closed.

“The Babel family is going through a terrible loss”, the management said, before adding that its “destiny” remains unclear. It refrained from sharing any more information about the news on social media.

The following day, a number of individuals confirmed the news, including Stretta Beer, which supplied its beer to the restaurant. It paid tribute to him, saying that he was “not just a business associate, but a true friend and a big believer of Stretta”.

“Tom’s [Mr Piotrowski’s] personality, charisma and attention to detail always created the perfect atmosphere where everyone enjoyed themselves. We are grateful for the memories we shared with Tom and the joy he brought to our lives and the lives of countless others,” it added.

Stretta Beer expressed its condolences to his family, loved ones, and also the community at Babel Bistro, stating that it views all its clients as “personal relationships”.

“Tom’s loss is a personal one for us at Stretta, and we will always remember him fondly,” it concluded.

The news shocked a number of people, who took to social media to show their respect for the Mr Piotrowski, with many saying that they will “always remember” him and that it is a “heart-breaking” loss.

“I feel physically sick,” What’s Cooking, Malta?’s Owner shared on Sunday, before adding that they spent time with him around three weeks before, and he “made it a joy” and sought to care for their needs.

Located in Archbishop Street, Valletta, Babel Bistro describes itself as a “small but lively place”, and is known for its combination of exciting jazz music and food.

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Babel Bistro Owner Tomek Piotrowski / Facebook

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