Godfrey Attard, presently occupying the position of Regional Manager for Egypt, will become Chief Special Projects Officer. His role includes the execution of new Medserv startups in new operating locations.

Christopher Clark, presently occupying the position of Regional Manager for Cyprus and Malta, will take on a new role within the Medserv Group, that is, Group Business Development and Regional Manager for Cyprus and Egypt;

Simon Lanzon, who is currently the Base Manager for Malta facility will be promoted to General Manager, Malta.

Gareth McMurray, presently occupying the position of Chief Operating Officer of OCTG and based in the United Arab Emirates, will become the Group’s Chief Operating Officer.

Mr McMurray will relocate to Malta to increase the Group’s drive for O&G business growth in Africa and South America.

These changes are expected to take place on 1st January 2021.

The Board of Directors remarked that it is confident the new appointments will continue to strengthen the senior management structure of the Group.

Founded in 1974 and with head offices in Malta, Medserv is a trusted partner and provider of integrated oilfield support and services to IOCs and NOCs operating in and around the Mediterranean. Medserv plc is listed on the Malta Stock Exchange, where the announcement was published.

The company operates dedicated bases in Malta, Cyprus, Egypt, UAE, Oman and Iraq, and has a representative office in Libya.

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