Roberta Metsola, Member of the European Parliament representing Malta, has taken to social media to make an appeal to the local public as COVID-19 measures begin to be relaxed.

"As restaurants, snack bars, hotels, hairdressers and beauticians begin to slowly re-open today, please keep supporting Malta and Gozo's businesses but please, please, keep respecting the rules on social distancing, masks, hand-washing and sanitation,” she writes in her post, referencing the establishments opening their doors as of today.

“Employees, business owners and self-employed are heading back to work - worried but doing their best to rescue their livelihoods and provide a service. Respect the rules, protect those working, protect each other, and support local businesses," she continues, affirming that while the situation remains an uneasy one, the respect and support of the public will have a distinct impact on its success.

Earlier this month, the Malta Chamber of SMEs CEO Abigal Mamo had stressed that the most important consideration for businesses currently is to ensure staff and clients stick to distancing guidelines so that consumer confidence is once again restored.

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