The Malta Chamber President Marisa Xuereb on Wednesday confirmed she will not be running for a second term at the helm of the prominent business-interest group.

Ms Xuereb made the announcement ahead of The Malta Chamber’s AGM, to be held on Tuesday 28th March, which will kick off elections for the next Council and President.

Writing on social media, Ms Xuereb said:

“I will not be running for a second term as President because I feel that I have given The Malta Chamber as much as I possibly could, and holding on to the seat for another term will simply deprive The Malta Chamber of the opportunity to benefit from new impetus and fresh ideas.

“But I will serve as the immediate Past President on Council for the next two years, as by required by our Statute, to assist the new President and Council in ensuring that The Malta Chamber continues to grow and excel. As we celebrate 175 years of a strong legacy, we remain committed to leading the present and shaping the future.”

She thanked the outgoing Council and staff for their “support” and “collaboration” during the past two years.

“They were a very demanding two years - partly because of all the local and global issues that the business community had to face, and partly because we challenged ourselves to reach higher standards,” she added.

Ms Xuereb added that she is confident that The Malta Chamber’s achievements over the past two years will inspire “us all to continue the journey to the best of our abilities”.

Prior to her being voted President in March 2021, she sat on the Chamber’s Council for the previous six years, and serves as Deputy President under the leadership of David Xuereb.

She is an economist by profession, and is the Managing Director of Raesch Quarz (Malta) Ltd.

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