Maltese entrepreneur Tamara Fenech has launched co-creative agency Cosie Studio to guide local brands and businesses in ways they can implement sustainability.

The agency was launched on 12th May 2022 in response to the current urgent need to address climate change.

Cosie Studio’s services aim to help firms implement sustainability within their business models as a way accelerating action to limit climate change.

EU businesses are becoming increasingly obliged to adhere to laws and work towards reaching collective targets through initiatives like the EU Green Deal, and so it is crucial that they are supported, guided and also advised along the way.

Local businesses are now able to invest in Cosie Studio’s services by benefitting from Jobs Plus Malta’s Investing in Skills scheme to re-educate their employees in terms of sustainability literacy.

The private sector has numerous opportunities to implement sustainable solutions within their operations, while also gaining a competitive advantage over other businesses and thriving socially, environmentally and economically.

Cosie Studio

Cosie Studio seeks to support businesses and brands in understanding such opportunities, while also trying to find ways of creating solutions together.

It aims to make sustainability even more accessible to businesses, equipping them with the right knowledge and tools required to make sustainability a key component of their business models.

“Our vision is to coexist in a world with more sustainability and purpose,” said the founder of Cosie Studio.

She went on to describe such a world as one “Where working culture is defined by collaboration and businesses work in the shared interest of creating positive impact, while thriving socially, environmentally and economically.”

Standing for co-creative, sustainable, ideas and endeavours, Cosie Studio is a co-creative change agency that provides advisory services, making sure to lead and facilitate the work that needs to be done.

Despite this, Cosie Studio is built on a co-creative model that puts collaborative work and the shared interest of all stakeholders involved as the focal point.

Cosie Studio

By working alongside clients, creatives, experts, supply chains and any other relevant stakeholders, creative outputs are developed and strategies are put in place.

“Yes, we are the experts, but we are equally as eager to learn from and work with our community, because we truly believe that sustainable development requires this kind of collaboration, humility and openness,” concluded Ms Fenech.

Cosie Studio specialises in brand ideation and the forming of a sustainable road map, as it seeks to connect brands to their purpose while considering sustainable strategies that could be integrated, and setting out a clear and detailed roadmap that supports brands and businesses in implementing sustainability practically and at an achievable level.

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Cosie Studio Founder and CEO Tamara Fenech

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