The Malta IT Law Association (MITLA) has announced its newly elected committee members.

At its Annual General Meeting, it announced that Antonio Ghio, Gege Gatt, Sarah Cannataci, Deo Falzon as well as Karen Coppini were re-elected, whilst Kenneth Terribile, Sharon Xuereb, Jonathan Spiteri and Alexia Valenzia were elected as new members.

At the meeting, Dr Ghio, the association’s president, presented a summary of the work carried out by the associating in 2020, including several international projects where MITLA and its members played a pivotal role.

Dr Ghio was especially proud of 2020’s RED Alert Project which provides real-time detection of online terrorist content across the EU.

MITLA also initiated BorderUAS, another EU project where MITLA’s role is to assess and analyse from a privacy perspective, the use of drones for border surveillance between countries.

Finally, the end of 2020 saw MITLA successfully win yet another international project called CounteR.

Dr Ghio applauded positive trends for the association, including an increase in its members.

Looking to the future, Vice President Gege Gatt set out a roadmap for the organisation in 2021.

Firstly, it will take actions towards the advancement of technology law through active research.

Secondly, it will drive towards international cooperation and pan-European collaboration on topics related to ICT and the knowledge economy.

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