Over 70 business leaders and service providers attended an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) training, organised by Malta Enterprise. The aim of this training was to help foster specialised knowledge regarding sustainable practices which can be beneficial to local businesses and learn more about grants that can help them in the required investments.

The training was led by Nigel Davies, an expert in sustainability and ESG carbon footprint reporting with over 30 years of experience at board level in operations, technical and sustainability. Running his own specialist consultancy in sustainability, Dr Davies works with over 60 clients in industries as diverse as manufacturing, film, theatre, plastic moulding, agriculture, leisure, and hospitality.

Participants had the opportunity to learn how to integrate carbon emissions savings and ESG criteria and how they can benefit from various grant applications administered by Malta Enterprise, such as the Smart and Sustainable Investment Grant Scheme. Businesses also had the opportunity to look into how to use ESG as a business tool and become more sustainable. Through this training, businesses can easily demonstrate an accurate carbon footprint in line with achieving Carbon Neutrality by 2050.

While addressing the seminar, the Minister for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise Miriam Dalli urged businesses to come forward with ideas and ESG measures and tap into Malta Enterprise’s assistance, so as to embark on the sustainability path.

“Sustainability goes beyond carbon saving, water saving or waste reduction. It provides businesses with ways to de-risk operations and the supply chain, provide a new outlook to promote a company’s brand and retain or even gain new business. It is imperative that current business practices are properly integrated to be truly effective and create longevity and minimal environmental impact,” said the Minister.

The two-day event was organised by Malta Enterprise’s Sustainable Industrial Development Office.

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