Hotjar, a Maltese company that analyses website data, has booted out US President Donald Trump off its platform after learning that the Trump-Pence campaign used the service for its merchandise online shop.

The company’s founder and CEO, David Darmanin, expressed his dismay and said the company did not want to spur on President Trump’s “racist and hateful” use of language in a blog post posted on Monday.

He announced the company would be making a €50,000 donation to help the fight against racism and injustice.

After being made aware by users, Mr Darmanin wrote that “upon further investigation, we found that the Hotjar account, managed by the Republican National Committee, also includes other GOP-related websites”.

“Donald Trump has said racist and hateful things as the evidence that anyone can access on the internet shows, as well as has taken a number of actions that have targeted marginalized groups.

"The campaign and the Republican party today stand behind a candidate who has made statements that promote racism, division, and discrimination," Mr Darmanin wrote.

“Therefore, we believe that the values displayed by this organization as a customer of Hotjar are clearly not aligned with our values as a company, and in the spirit of living our value of working with respect, we have decided to take action.”

Hotjar has since updated its use policy to ban sites that promote or condone hate and intolerance, including sites that support organisations, platforms or people who do.

Mr Darmanin said that the sum of €780 earned by the company from the Trump-Pence account will be donated to causes that fight racism and injustice.

He added that the company will be topping up this figure with a significant €50,000.

“We generally don’t disclose publicly any information about accounts we terminate, but in this case. we feel we owe it to our community to explain where we stand in such a polarizing time. We also want to take the opportunity to invite other tech companies to honour their values and take a firm stance against hate and racism.”

Hotjar was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Malta, additionally, the company employs teams based in 20 other countries.

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