A few weeks ago, Lidl Malta launched its new advertising campaign, “Magical Christmas,” with a short film featuring a cute raccoon as its protagonist.

The concept revolves around this character who, thanks to his altruism and generosity, saves a child's Christmas by bringing the magic of holidays back into his family. Through his courageous actions, the raccoon becomes the personification of an important message that even small gestures can make a big difference.

Lidl Malta stated that the campaign represents a new approach for its communication as it focuses on the emotional content of the commercial, with the aim of celebrating the values of friendship, family and sharing. In addition, for the very first time, Lidl is launching a Christmas campaign at an international level, developed by the marketing department of the parent company.

The department did this in collaboration with some national offices where the brand is present, with the aim of spreading the message globally.

“In difficult economic times, as we might be facing, Lidl offers its customers the possibility of a bountiful festive meal and magical gifts under the Christmas tree” the supermarket chain commented. 

Customers will have the opportunity to meet the heroic raccoon off-screen as well by purchasing it in one of chain's stores, in the form of a cuddly plush toy

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