The Malta Architecture & Spatial Planning (MASP) Awards has been launched for the fifth successive year. Renowned for its professional exposure to architecture and design projects that transcend the ordinary, today, the awards provide architectural firms and interior design studios with a platform for letting their work not just be seen but lead the way for others to find inspiration.

Organised by the Planning Authority, the awards aim to promote and acknowledge outstanding architectural and interior design projects that promise to stand the test of time.

Since their inception in 2019, under the patronage of the President of Malta George Vella, these awards have evolved into a symbol of prestige and excellence, celebrating innovation, sustainability, and the transformative power of creative vision.

From seasoned professionals whose careers have become synonymous with innovation to graduating students poised to leave their mark on the industry, the awards embody a commitment to honouring excellence at every stage of one's architectural journey.

The awards not only recognise past achievements but also serve as a compass, guiding the way for future generations to shape Malta's architectural landscape.

Currently at the helm of this prestigious event is recently appointed jury Chairperson Helga Ellul whose distinctive perspective promises to bring fresh insights to the forefront.

Elaborating on the core purpose of the MASP brand and its awards, and how they contribute to the architecture and design landscape, Ms Ellul says that the MASP Awards are more than just accolades, “they symbolise a celebration of architectural brilliance across diverse projects, from industrial buildings to private residences, restorations, and heritage sites.”

Intrigued by the quality of projects, Ms Ellul accepted the challenge to lead the MASP awards.

As a non-architect, she aims to bring an outsider's perspective, fostering optimism and encouraging architects to embrace sustainable practices. Her diverse background, including being the force behind the construction of the Playmobil factory, adds a unique dimension to the role.

She reflects on her initial involvement during the challenging times of the pandemic when she became a jury member under Perit Vincent Cassar.

“The awards not only recognise excellence but also highlight the wealth of innovative projects shaping the architectural tapestry of Malta,” she says.

Ms Ellul added that she cannot but emphasise the positive impact of the MASP Awards on the industry, shedding light on the diverse and exceptional projects in Malta.

“As a previous member of the jury, I witnessed first-hand the difficulty in selecting winners, a testament to the high calibre of entries.”


Beyond honouring architects, the awards extend to interior design and landscaping, showcasing the holistic nature of architectural innovation.

Looking ahead to the forthcoming edition of the MASP awards due to be held in 2024, Ms Ellul says that they aim to spotlight not only the beauty of Malta's historical architecture but also the potential for modern buildings to harmonise with nature.

By showcasing innovative projects and promoting sustainability, the awards aspire to inspire a new generation of architects and "reshape the - overwhelmingly negative - public perception of the Planning Authority."

She explains that, "one of the main reasons that I got involved is because there is so much negativity in Malta especially because of overdevelopment and so on… but there are also plenty of excellent projects - and we need to celebrate that. We need to show that it is not all bad, to make the general public more optimistic and encourage architects to come over to our way of thinking.”

As jury Chairperson, Ms Ellul’s commitment to celebrating excellence, promoting sustainability, and fostering optimism in the architectural community shines through.

The forthcoming edition of the MASP Awards promises to be a testament to Malta's architectural prowess, bringing together a diverse array of projects that redefine the boundaries of creativity, beauty, and design.

The call for applications for this year’s edition of the MASP Awards opened on the 15th of January and will close on the 21st February 2024.

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Jury Chairperson Helga Ellul 

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