When blockchain technology and cryptocurrency came onto the scene, the world was divided into those in staunch support, versus the majority who shrugged it off as a passing fad.

A decade later, the potential and opportunities stemming from Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT, such as blockchain) and cryptocurrency has certainly gained traction, with companies and now countries such as Malta embracing it.

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(Left to right) Jonathan Galea, Thy-Diep Ta and Joshua Ellul

Tune in for this Tuesday’s episode of The Boardroom, to be aired live on WhosWho.mt’s Facebook page at 12.30 pm, where presenter and business writer Jo Caruana will be discussing the future of finance with Chairperson of the Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA) and Director of Centre for DLT at the University of Malta, Joshua Ellul, CEO of BCA Solutions, Jonathan Galea, and Co-Founder of Unit Ventures & DLT Talents, Thy-Diep Ta.

Dr Ellul’s position at the University of Malta as Director of the Centre for Distributed Technologies sees him at the helm of a new university department offering a multidisciplinary Masters degree programme in Blockchain and DLT technology.

Dr Galea is a crypto-lawyer who’s been involved in the crypto industry since 2013 and has advised various Governments about the field. A vocal proponent of cryptocurrency locally, four years ago, he applied for a job at a bank but was refused after he was told that Bitcoin is “fairy money”.

Ms Ta, better known as Yip, is a blockchain entrepreneur, mindfulness teacher and a former management consultant with a track record in bringing more diversity, equity and inclusion into board rooms. Her claim to fame, among many achievements, is having worked with change-makers the likes of Muhammad Yunus and the Dalai Lama to bring more peace & love into the business world.

Tune in this Tuesday at 12.30 pm on WhosWho.mt’s Facebook page to catch the live interview and gain insights into where the experts view the crypto and DLT space to be going.

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