Lara Caruana has been appointed Chief Operations Officer at video and digital marketing company, VSQUARED.

Ms Caruana joined the team around three years ago, after a long stint as production manager for tech TV programme, Gadgets.   

VSQUARED CEO, Rachel Cachia, took to social media to congratulate her team member. “Well deserved! Lara is a great leader and a positive voice for our business. Her ability to implement systems and orchestrate our talent is impressive.”

“Lara has been an integral part of VSQUARED’s growth over the past 3 years and proven herself to be a woman of great character, dedication and loyalty to both the team members she leads and the clients we collaborate with,” Ms Cachia said. “Lara brings 8+ years of industry experience and is tasked with leading VSQUARED on a growth strategy to be the market leader in Video and Digital Marketing.”

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VSQUARED / Facebook

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