Mdina International has announced the appointment of Katrina Grech as its Chief Operating Officer.

Ms Grech, who has worked in the professional and training development field for 10 years, has been with the company since June 2019.

Prior to this, she worked as a Director of Operations with Business Leaders Malta, and has experience in coaching through Prism brain-mapping – an online tool using neuroscience to map behaviour.

Speaking of her appointment, Ms Grech said she feels “humbled, honoured, and energised to keep serving and empowering the company’s clients, and [her] team at Mdina International”.

“2021 is going to be a tough year for businesses, nonetheless. Equally, it will be a great year to capitalise further on the flexibility, resilience and growth developed in 2020.”

Ever the pragmatist and optimist, Ms Grech went on to say:

“What is vital this year, as we journey with our clients to business confidence, is that we remember the value of seeing the challenge from all angles, in order to really find the root cause and then head into solution with full force.”

She contends that “it will be natural to remain in a fire fighting stage that 2020 submerged us into, but it will be short-sighted to rebuild our businesses from that mindset.”

“At Mdina International 2021, this is the year we reaffirm our commitment to immersing ourselves into the client’s reality, as we embark on a results-oriented journey to success, with our further developed toolkit and team.”

Mdina International, which specialises in Leadership and Management, Sales Development, HR Services and Process Optimisation, has over 30 years’ experience in the industry. It quantifies progress by placing tangible measures on skills.

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