JP Fabri and Nicky Gouder, the founders of consultancy firm, Seed, have launched a new venture with the primary aim of creating a holistic vision for Malta with the input of young, successful business leaders from various fields.

Called 40under40, the co-founders say that the aim of this community is to create a vision “that is not only economic in nature, but that looks at our complete development model.”

“We want to define, compile and disseminate a vision for the Maltese islands that spans over the coming 15-20 years,” they explain. “We will start focusing on the foundational elements with a discussion of what we aspire to achieve and what we want to see in the Malta of tomorrow.”

With a focus on the quality rather than quantity of growth, Mr Fabri shared that initiative was born from the realisation that Malta “requires a proper long-term vision that not only covers the economy, but wellbeing, education and the environment.”

According to its website, “Forty under forty is a collective of present and future business leaders that have the best interest and well-being of Malta and its citizens at heart.”

The community includes Jo Caruana from Finesse Group, Anthea Huber from Archi+, Matthew Demarco from Bloom Creative, and Mark Wirth from Mint Finance, among others.

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