Dhalia Real Estate Services has announced the appointment of Joanne Calleja as the new Manager for the St Paul's Bay Branch. In recognition of her “dedication and remarkable journey within the company since 2004, Ms Calleja’s ascent to this key leadership role is a testament to her exceptional skills and expertise in the real estate industry.”

The real estate agency explained that Ms Calleja, having started her journey with Dhalia Real Estate Services nearly two decades ago, “has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excellence.” The agency said that, over the years, she has exhibited remarkable professionalism, enthusiasm, and a profound understanding of the real estate market, which has earned her numerous accolades and a stellar reputation among clients and colleagues alike.

Since 2015, she has been an integral part of one of the top-performing teams at Dhalia Real Estate Services, contributing significantly to their exceptional success. “Her dedication to delivering outstanding results and her ability to surpass targets have not only elevated her team but have also set a benchmark for excellence within the organisation,” Dhalia said.

Throughout her career, Ms Calleja has been recognised with numerous Dhalia Awards for her performance and contributions to the company's growth and success. These awards serve as a testament to her “relentless pursuit of excellence” and her commitment to providing exceptional service to her clients.

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Joanne Calleja has been working with Dhalia Real Estate Services since 2004

Ms Calleja’s progression through the ranks at Dhalia was described by Dhalia Real Estate as “nothing short of impressive.” As an “ambitious” real estate consultant, she is said to have stood out for her work ethic and ability to connect with clients and understand their needs. She took on various roles within the company, honing her skills as a manager, marketing strategist, and client relations expert, among others.

Her leadership skills and talent for fostering a positive and cohesive team dynamic are said to have played a “pivotal role in the growth and success of the St Paul's Bay Branch.” As the newly appointed Manager, she will now be responsible for leading the team towards continued excellence in service and results, “ensuring that Dhalia remains the leading real estate agency in the region.”

"I am deeply honoured and excited to take on this new role at Dhalia Real Estate services," Ms Calleja said. "Throughout my journey here, I have been privileged to work alongside some of the finest professionals in the industry. I look forward to leading the St Paul's Bay Branch and building upon the remarkable legacy that Dhalia has established over the years.”

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Joanne Calleja has been appointed as the new Manager for the St Paul's Bay Branch

Under Ms Calleja’s guidance, the St Paul's Bay Branch is expected to continue its growth and expand its service offerings, catering to the evolving needs of clients in the real estate market. Her vision for the future centres on fostering innovation, embracing technology, and maintaining the highest standards of customer service.

Alan Grima, Chief Executive Officer of Dhalia Real Estate Services said that Dhalia is confident that “Ms Calleja’s experience, passion, and dedication will drive the St Paul's Bay Branch to new heights.”

About Dhalia Real Estate Services:

Dhalia is made up of professionals who have built a reputation based on trust. Its role is to help people find property in Malta and Gozo and act as a guide and educator to ensure its clients are as satisfied with their new property as they are with the service provided.

Since 1982, Dhalia has followed this philosophy and it has allowed the agency to grow and become Malta’s largest privately owned real estate agency. Today, Dhalia’s branch office network stretches across Malta and Gozo, facilitating contact with its customer base and ensuring that its property consultants are always within easy reach.

Dhalia Real Estate Services is licensed by MFHEA as a Further Education Institution (Licence: 2021-001).

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