“It’s only when we need something, that we realise its importance... and we have a tendency of thinking along these lines, even when it comes to crucial matters such as IT security,” says William England of WJ England.

Mr England is a seasoned IT security systems provider. With 25 years’ experience in IT, he has witnessed the industry start from a fledgling fad, to becoming a mainstay on which the entire global economy hinges.

WJ England has been operating in Malta, in different fields, since 1906. “Our company registration number is only in the double digits,” Mr England quips. He is the third-generation director of England Group, which since opening its doors, has imported and provided resellers with a vast array of products including textiles, carpeting, and ceramic tiling, but also making a name for itself in the insurance business, among others.

Coming from a family of astute businessmen, as early as the beginning of the 90s, Mr England understood that IT was the way forward, and took a keen interest in the sector which expanded exponentially over a few short years.

“We witnessed IT shift and change in front of our eyes… from the first dial-up modems, to internet cafés. Today, through our recently launched IT arm 4Front, we are specialised in providing the most reliable IT security solutions to customers, which are best suited for their needs,” Mr England explains.

“We provide a complete suite of services, helping businesses get up and running in terms of their IT requirements. We are what in the traditional sense you’d call wholesalers, as we generally supply re-sellers with products which in turn they supply to the end customer. However, we also specialise and take pride in providing key strategic advisory services on IT needs, particularly focusing on security systems – depending on the customer’s specific requirements and their field of operation.”

“From our experience on the ground, we find that while larger businesses recognise the importance of IT security and actively take steps in protecting their data and systems from the ill-intentioned, smaller-sized businesses are far from being in an optimal position on the subject,” Mr England says, as he shares his thoughts on the current state of IT security in businesses in Malta.

“We understand that smaller businesses running modest outfits will often have a lot on their plate. Most of the time, they are busy running the show and IT security is the last thing on their minds – until something goes belly-up, and then it suddenly becomes a top priority. Unfortunately, the risk in this is that it exposes them and the data they manage to serious perils,” he explains.

“IT security is increasingly becoming crucial for any business. We all follow the news and learn how even well-equipped giants can fall victim to malware or hacking episodes. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to explain the dangers of having a poorly protected system or an insufficiently robust structure governing the IT of a business. At WJ England we strive to avoid such scenarios, as we have the expertise and products to help clients equip themselves accordingly.”

“Every business will require a different solution, tailored to their operation, and we are more than happy to discuss these requirements with our customers and draw up a strategy on how to proceed. For example, we provide products which consolidate various elements into one single ‘pane of glass’ which allow users to access different tools from one place. On the other hand, we also help with the segregation of systems for better security, and accountability – meaning if one part of the system becomes compromised, the other parts will remain safe.”

“Like human resources or energy expenses, IT security is crucial for the success of any company, and businesses need to account for it from beforehand, in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises,” Mr England expounds.

“From then on, we are more than happy to guide our customers about the best system that suits their needs, and getting them in touch with our trusted collaborating partners who will take care of the installation on the ground. We pride ourselves in being Value Added Distributors who offer an unparalleled suite of services throughout the process: in pre-sales, sales, as well as support stages.”

Operating in a constantly shifting industry also means that WJ England needs to dedicate great efforts to stay ahead of the game.

“I am constantly encouraging our team to take time out of their days to keep up to date with what is happening around the world, what our suppliers are coming up with, and what the upcoming trends in our field are. I certainly do this, in order to stay abreast with the latest developments in IT security,” Mr England notes.

“Then there are the good old trade shows and conferences which still fulfil a crucial part of the equation. We make it a point to attend the leading events in the business, as they help to keep us leaders in ours,” Mr England concludes.

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