A first for Malta and another sign that the island is progressing full speed ahead into the digital age, Malta Property Auctioneers (MPA) is the first local company to offer online, live Bidding Events where prospective purchasers can buy property from the comfort of their home, anywhere in the world.

A concept already immensely popular in major markets such as the UK, the USA and Canada, Malta’s first online property bidding platform recently launched its service, allowing users to browse multiple high-end properties and place any bids.


Breaking through the cumbersome traditional method of buying and selling, Malta Property Auctioneers, in line with these digital times, has gone beyond the traditional physical viewing, developing a digital bidding model that allows for an easier way to transact, while keeping the option of seeing the property for yourself open.

Properties anywhere in the world can be listed with their own Bidding Events, garnering a cross-section of interested parties and amassing global exposure. With MPA’s local and international partnership programmes, properties grab the attention of a multitude of agencies, widening the pool of collective buyers further.

Addressing situations with over-inflated prices and less-than-adequate offers, and reducing instances of tense negotiations, the new Bidding Events function allows prospective buyers to input the maximum they are willing to spend, and the system will incrementally bid to reach the buyer’s maximum threshold.

Should a buyer’s offer be outbid, the system will notify a user and that bidder will be given the option to place another bid before the event closes.

The company also allows unconditional offers during the live Bidding Events, meaning offers are not subject to conditions such as bank financing, permit issuance, etc.

In addition, pre-event offers are also possible for those who believe they can ‘beat the bid’ and try their luck with a private offer to the seller with any conditions they may have.

If that’s not all, Malta’s first and only property auction house is working with 13 affiliated agencies that are incentivised to sell all properties at MPA’s Bidding Events.

Professional, highly trained representatives

Today, MPA boasts a fresh young management team, taking the company into a more modern, fully digital state of play.


Stefan Consiglio (left), Sarah De Cesare (centre) and Steve Spiteri jointly make up MPA’s Head of Management.

Stefan Consiglio

Mr Consiglio has been in the real estate business for over 16 years and knows the Maltese islands like the back of his palms.

“My many years of experience have gained me a wealth of knowledge and I am proud to have co-founded the introduction of real estate auctions in Malta – a process which really facilitates to match people’s wants and expectations,” he says.

Sarah De Cesare

Ms De Cesare, known for her ability to multitask, oversees a number of priority areas at MPA. When she’s not conducting training seminars, strategizing business plans, managing her properties or looking after her clients, she’s spending time with her husband and children.

Steve Spiteri

Mr Spiteri’s success in the real estate industry is often attributed to his friendly, approachable personality, as well as his impeccable work ethic. If you’ve met Mr Spiteri, you’d be forgiven for thinking he was born with a phone glued to his ear, but it's almost always a client or colleague he’s trying to help.



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