"Machia is a management consulting firm that specialises in political strategy and risk management of governmental politics.The company analyses political decision-making situations that take place around the world and limits their negative impact towards companies,” explains Founder Edward Cachia.

“Geopolitics is an underrated risk in Malta and the company was set up in order to expose this risk to potential clients and diminish its impact, both locally and abroad,” he continues, affirming that in short, “world politics is Machia’s commodity and Machia tells company directors, board members and C-level executives how to deal with it.”

Having studied political studies and strategic management, and establishing his career within the field of investment and private wealth management, Edward says that the idea behind Machia came about during his studies, noting that the two correlate more than just financially.

“I saw the opportunity and I had the motive and competence to establish such a company in the Maltese market,” he explains. Speaking of his reasons for joining the Young Chamber Network, Edward highlights a tendency in Malta for young entrepreneurs to mainly open companies within the technological industry, affirming that in reality, not all young entrepreneurs are starting companies within that sphere.

“Some, like Machia, deal with philosophical issues that, to this day, no tech can give a definitive answer to, and the YCN within The Chamber is the only organisation in Malta that can cater for such companies, especially those operating within emerging non-tech markets such as mine,” he maintains.

The entrepreneur feels that above all, the YCN can be beneficial to young business people by offering a new perspective.

“The YCN presents new perspectives to members that one wouldn’t get from other similar organisations. Furthermore, from an organisation such as this, one can understand how to adapt their product accordingly, through networking events and meetings.

This is applicable to almost all competitive industries that are present, or shall emerge, in Malta,” Edward says.

Turning his attention to how the YCN can be beneficial to members given the changing face of the local economy in the wake of COVID-19, he notes,
“I think that a push for mental help and mentorship can help young business people, especially if this is their first year as business owners, facing such a daunting burden.”

Apart from this, he emphasises the importance of adaptability, “not just from a technological perspective but also from a market risk perspective.”

This feature was first carried in the February/March edition of the Commercial Courier

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