Joseph Cachia & Son Ltd (JCS), a member of the M. Demajo Group, is the local partner of internationally renowned company, Envipco – the suppliers of the national Beverage Container Refund Scheme’s (BCRS) Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs). JCS also handles all of their local operations with regard to installations and servicing of the units.


An island nation with no shortage of environmental beauty to showcase, it is far from uncommon to see Malta’s countryside and sea littered with single-use beverage containers. To this end, the Beverage Container Refund Scheme (BCRS) will herald in a major and fundamental shift in the way plastic, glass and aluminium single-use beverage containers are treated and disposed of in Malta.

Through the implementation of the very latest in technology, the BCRS will address the country’s waste management endeavours with respect to single-use beverage containers. At the heart of this scheme is a sophisticated deposit refund system that primarily functions through the use of RVMs amongst other collection methods.  Indeed, with barcodes allocated to all beverages that fall under the scheme available for purchase in the market.

As of 14th of November 2022 (today), a deposit of €0.10 will apply as a separate charge to the price of the beverages included in the scheme. The deposit will be charged by Producers and Importers to retailers and catering establishments at wholesale stage and transferred to BCRS Malta. Retailers will subsequently request this deposit from the consumers. The Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) are located across Malta and Gozo’s village cores, supermarkets and retail outlets, and other strategic locations.  

reverse vending

Reverse Vending Machines installed at a public recycling hub 

Powered by the latest Internet of Things technology, RVMs comprise the high-tech front-end of this new scheme that aims to collect and recycle 90 per cent of all single-use beverage containers placed on the market by 2026. This places JCS at the very core of Malta’s next major shift towards adopting circular economy practices, and its involvement in this green revolution for Malta was announced last November, when Envipco CEO Simon Bolton said:

“We are privileged to have the opportunity to support BCRS as they implement a deposit scheme in Malta. It shows the strength of our technology platform and our focus on partnering with customers to offer an excellent solution. With an exceptional local partner in Joseph Cachia & Son Ltd., we look forward to delivering this system and supporting Malta as they make another important step to a circular economy.” 

Joseph Cachia & Son Ltd (JCS) first opened its doors as an import and distribution company in 1906 and was eventually bought by the M. Demajo Group in 1965. JCS enjoys strong business relationships with leading suppliers of international calibre, some of whom it has teamed up with to successfully bid for nationwide large-scale tenders involving complex infrastructural projects in the fields of the environment, energy and security, amongst others. JCS also has competencies in project management which have been developed over years of collaboration with its reputable Principals.


Today, it has come a long way in leading the way for smart business solutions on the island especially in the sectors of money handling equipment, and queuing systems.

Apart from representing world-renowned brands and companies, one of the strengths of Joseph Cachia & Son Ltd lies in its factory-trained technical team providing a 24-hour maintenance and support services. It is ultimately on the basis of this, coupled with its years of experience, that it has built its success story across Malta’s various economic sectors effectively handling, delivering and supporting intricate projects and equipment to its customers’ full satisfaction.  Indeed, the company has placed itself at the forefront by providing smart solutions based on major emerging trends.

The company is now setting its sights and resources on providing a meaningful contribution towards Malta’s circular and green economy push, as stated by the Managing Director, Maronna Filletti: "Our future will certainly be brighter and greener should every individual take on the responsibility of caring for our environment".

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