Addressing Grixti Mobili's recent expansions during a visit by Silvio Schembri, Malta's Economy Minister, Owen Grixti, one of the directors at the furniture company, emphasised the impact of recent investments, saying "the company will be more and more innovative, even in an area that is considered traditional".

Grixti Mobili has invested €1.2 million towards expansion and the acquisition of new machinery in recent years, and, according to another director of the company, Aldo Grixti, the investment is "also helping [the company] create more quality and less labour-intensive work for our employees.

Mr Grixti says his siblings, who run the company together, "look forward with courage that the business that our parents started can continue to grow and be more successful in the years to come".

Grixti Mobili has been operating in Malta for 47 years, and is currently run by the Grixti brothers.

On his part, Mr Schembri congratulated the management of the local furniture company for their expansion. 

He said he believes the company's success shows that businesses run by Maltese families are renowned for the quality of their products and the services offered which are reputedly of the highest level, and emphasised that several such companies are succeeding in strengthening their competitive position, even within international markets.

Reflecting on 2020, the Minister satisfactorily noted this company experienced an entirely different scenario with regard to the effects of COVID-19 on businesses.

Instead of being seeing its business decline, he claims, Grixti Mobili witnessed a record demand for its products, as the trend seemed to be that people used this period to invest in new furniture for their homes.

He said that businesses and people have recognized that the government is ready to share the burden with them.

Mr Schembri believes that Grixti Mobili’s level of expansion was also facilitated by the assistance offered by Government entity INDIS Malta, and indeed, Aldo Grixti acknowledged the impact of support from INDIS and the Government on the company's expansion.

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DOI/ Jeremy Wonnacott

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