On Monday (today), Fondazzjoni Kreattività announced the appointment of Rupert Cefai as CEO. 

Mr Cefai, who held the role of Chairperson of the Board, will now serve as the Executive Chairperson, “bringing his extensive experience and visionary leadership to this expanded role.”

The foundation noted how Mr Cefai has “successfully held the position” of Chairperson for the past 11 years.

“Over the years he has significantly contributed to the growth and success of the foundation,” it continued.

Teatru Manoel Chief Executive Edward Zammit / X

Within the same announcement, Fondazzjoni Kreattività also thanked Edward Zammit who left his post as Director of Business Development after seven years.

In addition to his role as a Director, for the past 18 months, Mr Zammit served as the Acting Chief Executive at the foundation. 

“His innovative approach, strategic insight, tireless efforts, and outstanding contributions have played a crucial role in the development of and expansion of Fondazzjoni Kreattività,” the foundation said.

Furthermore, it wished him success in his new role expressing confidence that he will “continue to achieve remarkable accomplishments in his new role.”

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Fondazzjoni Kreattività CEO Rupert Cefai / LinkedIn

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