Minister for the Economy, Investment and Small Businesses Silvio Schembri opened a conference ‘Acknowledging Adapting and Looking Ahead,’ organised by the Chamber of SMEs, where he stressed the importance of businesses adapting to new systems.

The conference addressed various matters of interest to medium and small enterprises, during which there was also the presentation of certificates by the Parliamentary Secretary for European Funds, Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi, to all those participants who have successfully completed the specialised training, co-financed with European funds, addressing the needs of the Malta Chamber of SMEs.

Minister Schembri encouraged SMEs to adapt to the current scenario and emerging necessities, in order to be able to maintain their relevance and pursue with their operations in the years to come.

“It is of utmost importance to adapt to new systems during which, we, as a Government will stand shoulder to shoulder with businesses amid current circumstances.

“The fact remains that now is the time for businesses to embrace and invest in new methods that enhance their efficiency, and strengthen the skills of their workforce, which will consequently further strengthen their competitiveness”, said Minister Schembri.

This while adding that Government is working on facilitating processes for businesses which lessen bureaucratic procedures and provide the required services under one roof.

“Despite the fact that this was a rather challenging year, however, it has paved the way for our economy to grow more through digital activity and more environmentally friendly processes.

“To anticipate such a scenario, whilst other countries are looking at introducing austerity measures, we are presenting to you a €470 million industrial infrastructure programme that shall create new industrial space for local and international businesses to operate and flourish.

“This success is your success. In the same way you entrusted us by ensuring that you retain your employees, we are reciprocating this trust through significant initiatives which shall enable you to better your operations”, said Minister Schembri.

During the conference, certificates were handed out to all those participates who have successfully completed the training session, which has shown the SME Chamber’s conviction to continue being the voice of SMEs, whilst ensuring they become more effective during the process of social dialogue, said Parliamentary Secretary Zrinzo Azzopardi.

This training session is just one part of the of the project ‘STAR – Tuning the Art of Representation’, which is co-financed by European funds, and is providing the necessary tools to the Chamber of SMEs so that it strengthens its position.

“Training is essential to address new challenges, therefore this project co-financed with European funds with the investment of €234,307 is providing assistance to small and medium enterprises so that they can counteract upcoming challenges and turn them into opportunities”, said the Parliamentary Secretary.

He also held that with European funds, more assistance is being provided to SMEs so that they continue investing in their enterprises.

"The extension of the Business Enhance Schemes coupled with the €112 million from the European Fund REACT-EU, which will be invested in the wage supplement, prove the government’s commitment to provided assistance to enterprises so they can overcome the present challenges,” he concluded.

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