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The Office, 86, Leli Falzon Street, Naxxar, NXR 2609

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Business Profile

Simply Solutions Ltd is a Maltese IT company that specializes in developing innovative self-service hardware and software management systems to improve customer experience and optimize business processes. Our products are suitable for a wide range of industries including healthcare, governmental agencies, finance, entertainment, telecom, cafes, fast foods, and more.

We are committed to providing our customers with cutting-edge technology solutions to meet their business needs. We offer a range of hardware and software solutions, including self-service kiosks, vehicle tracking and fleet management systems, payment solutions, ticketing systems, cash-flow and queue management solutions and a lot more.

All our products are designed to streamline business processes and deliver positive customer experiences. Our self-service kiosks allow customers to make orders and payments easily and conveniently, while our vehicle tracking, and fleet management systems help businesses improve their logistics and fleet management. Our payment solutions enable secure and seamless transactions, and our queue management systems help businesses efficiently manage customer queues.

We understand the importance of digital transformation and provide our customers with innovative solutions to support their journey towards digitization. Our products are available to our customers on a 24/7 basis, providing them with the support they need to succeed in an increasingly competitive market.

We are committed to delivering high-quality products and services that meet our customers' expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions and how we can help your business achieve its goals.

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Official Partners

  • Trade Malta
  • Fino
  • GO Business
  • Imovo
  • Malta Enterprise
  • Laferla Insurance
  • WFDM
  • St James Hospital
  • PTL
  • Clentec
  • ICON