Rising Stars Childcare

San Gwann



12, Triq il-Kappella, San Gwann

35.909474167982125, 14.476737465816326

Business Profile

Rising Stars Childcare, a trailblazer in early childhood education, stands proudly as the first and only childcare on the island offering unparalleled flexibility in opening hours. We are redefining the standards of nurturing and learning for our rising generation, with a commitment to fostering a stimulating and safe environment that sets us apart in the childcare landscape.

At the heart of Rising Stars is Stella, our beloved mascot, who embodies the spirit of joy, curiosity, and growth. Stella is not merely a symbol; she is a cherished companion on the journey of discovery for every child under our care. With Stella leading the way, we instil a sense of wonder and excitement, making learning an adventure that unfolds daily within our walls.

What truly sets Rising Stars apart is our unwavering dedication to the families we serve. Opening seven days a week, from the early morning hours at 5 AM until 10 PM, including public holidays, we recognise and cater to the diverse needs of modern families. This commitment reflects our understanding that flexibility is key, ensuring that every child has access to quality childcare when it matters most.

Our state-of-the-art childcare is meticulously designed to provide a stimulating and enriching environment. Equipped with the latest educational resources and play facilities, we prioritise both physical and intellectual development. Our highly qualified and passionate educators, driven by love for their craft, create an atmosphere where each child feels valued and supported.

The Rising Stars experience is more than just childcare; it is a journey of growth, discovery, and endless possibilities. We take pride in being not only a childcare provider but a partner in the holistic development of your child. Join us on this extraordinary adventure, where each day is an opportunity for your child to shine and reach for the stars.

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