Paul Caruana Tuition Centre

Floriana and Ghaxaq



24, Trejqet il-Fosos

35.892934, 14.5048799999999

Business Profile

Paul Caruana Tuition Centre is a one-man organisation specialising in private tuition of commercial subjects, namely Accounting, Economics, Marketing and Business Studies from beginners onwards.  The main specialisation is from beginners up to Advanced Level. However, students attending first year of the FEMA courses with no knowledge of Accounting and Economics are also accepted.Students may be students studying the subject/s at school, as well as other students who, for one reason or another, do not study the subject at school. This category of students includes adults who have left school and would like to upgrade their qualifications while they are already working.The sole tutor is Paul Caruana, with over thirty years of experience in the teaching of these subjects.  Although lessons are given in small groups, individual attention is given to all students who attend ther lessons. At times, and if the schedule permits, one-to-one lessons may also be given.The strength of the tuition of Paul Caruana lies in the commitment and effort which he puts into his lessons in such a way that a good relationship is built with the students and with their parents. On the other hand, he expects commitment and effort from the part of the students in their studies and preparations. Paul Caruana believes that only commitment, application and hard work from all parts are the key factors which lead to success in examinations and in life.Tuition is given at Floriana as a central area and at Ghaxaq to cater for students coming from the southern part of Malta. The choice of the location is up to the student. During the period of preparation for the schedules for the scholastic year, flexibility is used in fixing the times and days of the lessons. This is because Paul Caruana believes that the needs of the students change from one year to another.

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