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Corporate Group of Companies


“The Bakery” Handaq Industrinal Estate Handaq Road Qormi QRM 4000

35.867739, 14.469010

Business Profile

Maypole is a family run group of companies operating an industrial bakery specialising in straight and long fermented dough breads, sweet and savoury products and outside catering products which are sold exclusively in its chain of branded confectionery shops.

Maypole started off as a small traditional bakery in the Maltese town of Qormi. The founders of this small bakery are Mr Carmel Debono commonly known as Nenu and his wife Angela (first generation), both bakers by profession. Nenu and Angela always professed that quality should be the only thing that matters, as without it everything else will crumble.

Clients quickly embraced Maypole’s quality approach and the business kept going from strength to strength, thanks to the hard work of family members and the ever-increasing team of people employed within the company. Eventually, and with foresight, an important decision was taken to transfer the business on to the second generation. Since this was done while the first generation was active in business, the new directors were not pressed by time, and therefore the business benefitted from a planned and organised handover. This created a healthy balance between experience and eagerness to explore new venues, which lead the company to establish itself as one of Malta’s top operators within it’s sector.

Based on the same values that started the same business, today Maypole operates from a state-of-the-art factory which is spread over 3000 m2 and apart from increasing its capacity for production, the group vertically integrated the industrial bakery operations downstream by opening its chain of confectionary shops. This integration not only secured control on the way Maypole products are handled and sold but it also created the necessary infrastructure to sustain and promote the brand while ensuring a stable cashflow. Today the group owns and operates around 30 confectionery shops around Malta and Gozo.

Official Partners

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