WFDM was founded in 2020 by Matthew Mantvydas Narusevicius who has many years' experience in business operations and finance, gained in hospitality and in fast-moving industries. Over the years, he and his team have built a prestigious network of business acquaintances and contacts in addition to developing a thorough understanding of the difficulties faced by companies.

WFDM began as a transportation and catering company but has since evolved into a temping recruitment agency. It started by providing temporary workers to local businesses. However, it quickly expanded its offering to include permanent positions for people looking to work abroad, particularly overseas workers.

Mantvydas's dream is to have a company synonymous with recruiting and placement of high-quality workers in Malta, Cyprus and Lithuania. This passion has driven him to grow WFDM into one of the leading companies in the recruitment industry over the last two years.

It expanded its services to include outsourcing personnel to recruitment, consultancy and immigration consultancy services worldwide. It specialises in the latest human resource trends. Nonetheless, the company’s passion, commitment and dependability remain central to everything it does.

One of WFDM’s goals is to provide quality personnel to not only local/foreign recognisable brands but also startups and growing businesses. It is devoted to remaining unsurpassed in customer satisfaction and strives to maintain reputation.

Integrity, commitment and drive were the three guiding principles on which WFDM was created. These principles serve as a standard and a driving force behind all of its choices and actions. It strives to meet its own standards each day.

WFDM’s success is a result of the dedication and enthusiasm it puts into its work as well as the companies and job seekers it connected since the company's founding. This resulted in WFDM becoming one of Malta's leading recruitment agencies.

Chief Executive Officer: Mantvydas Matthew Narusevicius

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