Scope is an innovative community of diverse professionals who specialise in the identification, implementation and integration of cloud applications for businesses and accounting firms.

Scope is the first local and holistic, born-in-the-cloud, app specialist and cloud integrator.

“We are obsessed with empowering business leaders and finance teams from both practice and industry, to embrace technology in order to drive clarity and efficiency,” says a company spokesperson.

At Scope, best in class solutions are delivered by focusing on the simplest and smartest strategic software fit for our customers.

For this reason, the company studies and pilots hundreds of established and emerging cloud apps.

All solutions are fully integrated with real-time synchronisation, adding value to businesses.

“Most businesses believe in the true potential of technology but do not know how to tangibly exploit it. However, they do know, that if approached strategically, this could drive them towards a more efficient and cost-effective business model.

“Most business leaders also know for a fact that they cannot afford the luxury to employ a dedicated team of I.T specialists in the respective hardware and software fields.”

Although varying levels of I.T. support to this business sector exist today, finding a strategic partner who can remodel and support your core practices, has always been a challenge for the business community.

Scope aims to address this gap. As business specialists with a flair for processes and complementary software systems, the company is well-placed to understand different business needs.

“This allows us to model a personal mix of suitable cloud-based applications according to your specific business context.”

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