2022 has been a good year for local property company Real Agents. What was branded the year of the great restart after the world-wide economic hiatus due to the pandemic, started slow, but picked up relatively quickly, delivering the goods by the end of the year.

“2022 proved to be a strong year, closing off on a very good note,” says Justin Camilleri, Director at Real Agents. “We are in fact encouraged for this year, which has already started showing a positive trend as we approach the conclusion of the first quarter.”

Mr Camilleri notes that the first-time buyer market is as healthy as ever, constituting a considerable portion of market activity.

“Couples looking to start a family together, or simply settling down, make up an important part of our operation, as they will typically be on the lookout for properties in the three-bedroom apartment range measuring around 150 sqm+. This puts them in the budget bracket between €350,000 and €400,000 range depending largely rather on their preference of location of the property,” Mr Camilleri explains.

Garage prices were also seen to climb up considerably over the past 12 months as the going rate for an average one-car is now in the range of €40,000.

Asked what is contributing to the continued growth of the market, Mr Camilleri notes that the property sector is a healthy reflection of the corresponding economy.

“We also noted that specific initiatives introduced by Government such as the tax break on the first €700,000 on properties in Urban Conservation Areas (UCA) was extremely well received and made a difference on this market share. This brought about a renewed interest in our village cores, breathing investment in areas which up till recently were screaming for attention,” Mr Camilleri reveals.

Real agents itself as a company is all too happy to position itself the best way possible to help first time buyers, as well as potential investors make the best deal possible.

“We pride ourselves at operating a different business model to the usual real estate company. In fact, our company cuts out useless expenses, giving our agents a larger commission to negotiate with. This ultimately results in a superior deal both for the vendor, as well as the buyer. Our 14 agents are highly experienced professionals who have been doing their job for many years. They know when a deal can be executed, and what it takes to get the ink on the dotted line. So, we empower them, giving them unparalleled potential to strike deals which are advantageous for everyone,” Mr Camilleri further expounds.

“As an organisation, we make it a point to keep our operation as lean and efficient as possible. Our agents are empowered to operate as if they own the company themselves, and we trust them as they are amongst the best Malta’s real estate market has to offer,” Mr Camilleri claims.

Real Agents also makes it a point to invest handsomely in its teams, making sure everyone is on board with the very latest in policy and procedures that revolve around the world of property and Agents. “For example, our agents are proficient in all that relates to due diligence and marketing, making sure that all bases are covered, and no unnecessary risk is entered,” Mr Camilleri continues.

Looking to the future, Real Agents is close to opening its first brick and mortar office in Mosta, marking an exciting milestone for the company. “From our office we want to provide the opportunity to real estate agents who are comfortable operating from a traditional setting, to do so in comfort, while advancing in their career with one of Malta’s fastest growing real estate agencies.”

“Ultimately, we are inspired to provide a different kind of service to our clients. Bringing a fresh new outlook to this sector, we want to offer a new way of looking at the property industry, a way that is convenient and advantageous for everyone, helping more people achieve their dreams in the process,” Mr Camilleri concludes.

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