Local design studio Hangar Ltd is celebrating 10 years of operation, during which it has not only “made a name for itself”, but also “challenged conventions”.

Specialising in design and branding solutions for companies in technology, it has grown to feature a number of international brands among its clients, with a portfolio valued upward of $50 billion (€47.7 billion).

Over the years, it has developed into a branding and design studio that has “punched above its weight, attracting large-scale entrepreneurs from around the globe”. Hangar brings together “well-thought design and business acumen” in order to deliver results which are both “stunning, as well as commercially effective”.

“From day one, we sought to be a value-driven branding and design studio,” Founder and Creative Director Clint Tabone said. “We believe that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right, and it should last. That is why we look at design as an investment, since the longer our work lasts, the highest is its return on investment,” he added.

Since its launch in 2012, Hangar has created a different kind of studio built on a foundation of “unwavering principles”, and prides itself in “walking in the shoes of its clients” prior to engaging in a project.

“Probably, the process we engage in, is what sets us apart from our counterparts in the field. We make it a point to understand what motivates our clients, what their core values are, what keeps them up at night, and where they want to be,” Mr Tabone said.

“We don’t only understand, but value challenges being faced by our clients, and incorporate them within our creative process. We root our work in meticulous research and observation to understand our clients’ business, their challenges and opportunities,” he explained.

Hangar operates as a “very flat, quick-on-its-toes organisation”, leading to an “unrivalled experience” for clients.

“Working with us, means working directly with the project lead, the people who have the highest stake in the clients’ success, the greatest breadth and depth of experience, and a pragmatic business owner’s perspective," Mr Tabone continued, before adding that Hangar does not have a sales team or business development executives as its "biggest selling tools" are its work and its clients.

He concluded by saying that Hangar’s process is “collaborative, iterative, and driven by intent. It’s called The Design Method. We hold various checkpoints during our process, presenting progress for review before each phase so we make sure that there are no surprises at the end.”

While it specialises in technology, Hangar’s clients operate in a variety of sectors, including automotive, finance, payments, health technology, education technology, AI, blockchain, and fintech.

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Hangar Ltd Founder and Creative Director Clint Tabone

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