Leading data centre, cloud, and cybersecurity provider BMIT Technologies plc this week announced the successful commissioning of a new connection to its international high-speed network, via the PEACE submarine cable to France.

This investment strengthens BMIT’s network position as the only such firm to be utilising five submarine cables out of Malta, rendering it among the most resilient in the country.


BMIT has been providing reliable networks since 2016, and the new connection expands the network's capacity, introducing an additional layer of resilience by excluding Italy completely from the route.

This setup enhances the already robust network, ensuring continuous connectivity to mainland Europe even in the face of unforeseen challenges. BMIT’s network has been designed to 2n specifications, doubling its capacity in a non-fault scenario, and creating a self-healing infrastructure for optimal performance.

Gordon Bezzina, Chief Technology Officer of BMIT Technologies, emphasised the significance of this network commission: “The addition of the PEACE submarine cable link underscores the considerable investment in our network, to provide 100 per cent uptime during incidents. Using all five submarine cables connecting Malta to mainland Europe enhances our network’s resilience and provides our customers peace of mind that their operations will not be impacted when something goes wrong.”

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