The multination healthcare company and winner of Malta's inaugural Best STEM Employer Award 2021 Baxter has been recognised as an organisation that “recognises STEM subjects’ importance as pillars of research and innovation upon which the country’s economic future shall be built” by the Minister for Equality, Research and Innovation Owen Bonnici.

During a visit to the company’s premises in honour of its award, given by the Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) last July, Minister Bonnici thanked Baxter for being such a driving force in the promotion of STEM professions in Malta, describing it as a company that also engages excellently with the STEM subjects throughout its day to day operations.

Baxter, which manufactures products for hospitals and clinics around the world and has been operating in Malta since 1989, employs around 600 employees. 

These include among them engineers, scientists, technicians, and technologists, of which 40 per cent work in the Research and Development Department, which was set up as a separate entity in 2010.

This summer it announced that it will be expanding its local operations by 10 per cent, adding another 50 workers. 

STEM occupations are supported with training opportunities, on-the-job experiences, and flexible hours, permitting these STEM professionals to proceed with their professional development. The organisation also actively promotes STEM careers with students at various levels of education.

“This organisation has been successful locally not only as a manufacturing company, but also for putting its employees’ wellbeing at its centre. Baxter embraced the value of equality in practice, by building a diverse and inclusive team and providing them with meaningful career experiences and opportunities for growth,” Minister Bonnici said.

During his visit, the Minister was accompanied by R&D Director Ing. Joseph Grima, who explained how important it is for Baxter to sustain the careers of its employees and provide them with the opportunity of working in a serene and safe environment which allows them to keep a sustainable balance between work and personal life.

Baxter also implements a range of policies which reflect its support towards equality.

These policies are implemented throughout all levels of the organisation, from the leadership team to customer relations. Over half the workforce at Baxter, 51 per cent, is female. Women also make up 47 per cent of management roles.

Their efforts have been recognised with several awards and certifications in respect of addressing work-life balance, applying measures which are family-friendly, as well as the promotion of equality, paying particular attention to corporate equality, LGBTIQ equality, disability inclusion and diversity best practices.

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Department of Information - Pierre Sammut

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