APS has announced the next talk of its APS talks series, titled ‘Din L-Art Helwa – Help save our natural and cultural heritage'.

It will be presented by Martin Galea, Council Member and former President of the National Trust, Din L-Art Helwa.

The event will be held online on 23rd September at 18:30.

The talk will first explain how earth and the climate are changing, as highlighted in the recently published report by the United Nations.

It will then progress to showcase the works by Din L-Art Helwa, a non-governmental, not-for-profit, voluntary organisation, to safeguard Malta’s cultural heritage and the natural environment.

Overall, it will aim to show how everyone can get involved to protect their surroundings for future generations, even in Malta.

Readers interested in learning more about this talk can click here, where they will also be able to register to attend for free.

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